Once you have enrolled as a student, the first qualification will be the PPL - Private Pilot License. This will allow you to fly passengers in aircraft up to a specific weight and class without being compensated. This is the best most exciting time when becoming a pilot.


You will learn all aspects of basic aviation. Your instructor will teach you about aerodynamics of an aircraft, the mechanical elements of aeroplanes, meteorology, flight planning, human performance and many more aspects in becoming an excellent pilot.


South Africa has some of the best aviation standards in the world. The qualifications are recognized by the International Civil Aviation Organization - ICAO. This allows one to be able to go to any country registered with ICAO such as the USA, Europe, Australia and many more whereon may use your skills, qualifications and experience to convert your license to that countries pilot qualifications.

Requirements for a private pilot license 


Be 17 years or older


Hold a valid class 1 or 2 medical aviation certificate


Hold at least a valid restricted certificate of proficiency in radio-telephony


Show evidence of holding a valid Student Pilot License

Have successfully completed the training at an approved Part 141 air school


Passed the theoretical knowledge examination required 


Passed the practical skills test 

Completed not less than 45 hours flight time as pilot of an aeroplane with a mass in excess of 450 kg of which


At least 25 hours are dual instruction


Have at least 15 hours which are accumulated in solo flight, of which at least 5 hours are cross-country flight time; which    must include one triangular cross-country flight of at least 150 NM, on which at least one point must be not less than 50     NM from base and must include full-stop landings at two different aerodromes away from base.

A maximum of 5 hours dual instruction time may be accumulated in an aeroplane Flight simulator

*VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION! Madiba Bay School of Flight may not be held responsible for any additional costs being accrued during your training. Each individual may vary in training capabilities and may have to have accomplished additional training at an additional cost. The above amounts are subject to change should you be required to have additional instruction flights, ground school, and re-writes of examinations. Please note that all prices are also subject to currency changes and therefore are subject to change.

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