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Hi there. Congratulations on finding Madiba Bay School of Flight

(MBSF). You have found a truly great school.

Please read through all the information that is available on our website,

and especially the items on this particular web page. It will answer

many of the questions you might have, including accommodation,

courses, duration of training and so forth.

We are well aware that there are other good flight schools for you to

choose from, so please compare us to them in terms of the following



There is an enrolment form on this web page which you may fill in and

return to us. Alternatively, you may just walk through our front door

and we will enroll you in just a few minutes. Please bring your ID or

send us a copy if you are enrolling on-line.


We know that flight training is expensive, which is why we do

everything in our power to put flight training within the reach of as

many people as possible.

For this reason, we require no big lump sum deposits. Rather, we allow

you to pay as you go. Also, if you ever decide to leave the school, we

will fully refund ALL the remaining money in your account to you.

We do have credit card facilities so you can swipe your card, but the

bank takes a 3% commission for that. It is therefore far more

economical to do an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).

Course start dates:

You may arrive at ANY time and we will tailor make your training to suit

your needs. We do not have student batches, and so neither do we

have course start dates. Every person is a unique individual and we will

ensure that your training, including ground school, will suit your

personal needs and circumstances.

Formal Requirements:

There are no formal requirements for anyone who desires to enroll for

flight training. Below, I list some of the questions that people often ask

when thinking about the requirements for flight training.

Educational Requirements:

There are no educational requirements for you to enroll in Flight

Training. Maths and Science may be helpful but are not essential.

Medical Requirements:

Your application for a Student Pilot License (SPL) is made to the South

African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) and will need to be

accompanied by a valid Aviation Medical Certificate. Only South African

doctors who also have the required aviation accreditations, may

examine pilots to determine medical fitness for the SACAA.

There are very few medical conditions that will disqualify a candidate

from being a pilot. It is logical that any condition that would cause you

to become incapacitated or to lose consciousness, would be relevant.

Heart conditions, lung conditions, epilepsy and such things would

disqualify you from being a pilot.

Language Requirements:

If you have can produce a matric certificate with English as first

language, you will automatically get a score of 6 (highest level) for your

English proficiency check, which you need for your Pilot License.


If you had English as a second language, or if you don’t have a matric,

our English Language expert will have a quick chat to you and if you are

any average South African, you will score a Level 6 as well.

If you have any further questions, please let us know, and perhaps that

will help us to upgrade this information document.



When beginning your application, please make sure to download and fill-out the following forms, and or collect the relevant information. These will be requested by the staff member manning the email address. 

Banking Details

MBSF Application

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