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•   All new international students will have to complete an “Initial English Level Assessment” upon arrival.

•   In the event that the assessment result is unsuccessful all international students will have to complete 10 Lessons (10 Hours - Phase 1) before commencement of PPL training.

•  Specified Training to be completed if student is deemed non-compliant with ICAO Level 4 Language Proficiency Requirements.



(Phase 2 will only be enforced after PPL training has commenced)

Course Instructor - Dereck Wilbert - (+27) 72 676 7493


*VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION! Madiba Bay School of Flight may not be held responsible for any additional costs being accrued during your training. Each individual may vary in training capabilities and may have to have accomplished additional training at an additional cost. The above amounts are subject to change should you be required to have additional instruction flights, ground school, and re-writes of examinations. Please note that all prices are also subject to currency changes and therefore are subject to change.

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