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Requirements for Commercial Pilotsgold_epaulettes_threebar
(61.05.1) An Applicant for a private pilot’s Licence must:

  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Hold a valid class 1 or certificate.
  • Hold at least a valid restricted certificate of proficiency in radiotelephony.
  • Show evidence of holding a valid Private pilots licence.
  • Hold a valid night rating.
  • Must have successfully completed no less than.
    • Total flight time of 200 hours of which.
    •  100 hours of pilot in command.
  • Have passed the theoretical knowledge examinations.
  • Have passed a skills test.

Privileges and Limitation of a Commercial Pilot’s licence (61.05.5) The holder of a Commercial Pilot Licence can exercise the following privileges provided that all the documents are valid:

  • Exercise all the privileges of a Private Pilot Licence.
  • In operations other than the carrying of passengers or freight for reward, act as pilot in command.
  • Act as co-pilot in commercial air transport in any aircraft certified for single-pilot operations.
  • Act as co-pilot in commercial air transport operations in any aircraft required to be operated with a co-pilot.
  • Act as safety pilot.