Madiba Bay School of Flight

Super low training costs

No experience (Ab initio) to Commercial Pilot License (CPL) with multi engine instrument rating and we offer Grade III instructor rating | All instrument training carried out in our Sling 2 and Piper Twin Comanche aircraft | Multi Engine training only R 4430/hr.
Private Pilots License

Learn to fly just for the joy of it. You want to take your family and friends for flights? Or maybe you want to get from A to B in your own aircraft. Private Pilots License is for you

Commercial Pilots License

Learn to fly an aircraft from the very beginning with no experience until reaching commercial license. If you want to become an airline pilot, this is where you begin

Multi-engine rating

Want to fly an aircraft with more than one engine? This is usually incorporated into your commercial license, but you can do your multi-engine rating as a separate rating

Instrument rating

Learn to fly an aircraft by using only your instruments, so you can fly in any weather

Our School

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We are renowned as a school that cares about you

Madiba Bay School of Flight has been in existence for 7 years. In that time we have seen phenomenal growth. Around 500 students have to date been through our doors, many of whom are flying in airlines around the world today.

At this school we do monthly intakes of students. Each batch of students will progress together through PPL Lectures. You will always be treated as an individual at this school. With us, you will not fall behind.

We have 10 carefully selected flight instructors who excel at interpersonal skills and also employ 6 Cadets who work in exchange for flight training. We operate brand new, super modern aircraft with glass cockpits. These aircraft are meticulously maintained to the standards prescribed by the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

  • International Airport
  • High standard of training
  • Modern Aircraft
  • Caring environment

Our Fleet

Sling 2 x6

You will do the majority of your flight training on one of our 6 brand new single engine aircraft

Twin Commanche x2

You will complete your training on our multi-engine aircraft

Cessna 152 x3

A new aircraft added to the family

Piper Cherokee

Another aircraft added to the family