Your dream is to become a pilot. Every career has an initial start. Before you can start the Private Pilot License course, you need to enroll as a student. This enrollment process is simple and we are here to assist you.


If you are an international student. You will need to apply for a study visa through the South African government. You may do this at one of the international embassies. 

These are the basic requirements for the issuing of a Student Pilot's license. The best part is you can start the training whilst still in high school. 


- Be not less than 15 years of age

- Hold a class 1 or class 2 aviation medical certificate

- An original or certified proof of identity of the applicant

- Two recent passport-sized photos

- Application form for Student Pilot's licence

- Pay the appropriate fee.

International Students Requirements

Here at Madiba Bay School of Flight, we do not require any previous educational requirements, however good grades will only work in your favor when you enter the aviation job market, once qualified. The duration of the PPL course should take around 3 to 5 months on a full-time basis and the CPL course around 12 to 18 months, depending on the dedication and funding of each student. 


Both of these courses can however also be done on a part-time basis and aviation law allows up to 4 and a half years to complete each course. 

To apply, we will need you to fill out the below documents and pay a deposit into the school account that will enable us to purchase medical insurance on your behalf and process your documents. 


The deposit is kept in your school account as a retainer and can later be used to pay for your final practical license test and paper work. 


The cost of training is as per the price list on our website and for your convenience attached to this mail. 

The school helps administer accommodation for foreign students when requested, Please see our FAQ's page for accommodation information.

*VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION! Madiba Bay School of Flight may not be held responsible for any additional costs being accrued during your training. Each individual may vary in training capabilities and may have to have accomplished additional training at an additional cost. The above amounts are subject to change should you be required to have additional instruction flights, ground school, and re-writes of examinations. Please note that all prices are also subject to currency changes and therefore are subject to change.

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