Madiba Bay School of Flight has some of the best hourly rates in the world. We have a number of aircraft available to hire and fly. We have six Sling 2 aircraft, one Cessna 152, 1 Piper Cherokee, 1 Piper Comanche. 


Please see our courses for more prices related to course prices. These prices below are based on hire & fly only.

Sling 2 Aircraft cost           
Sling 2 Aircraft cost 
Sling 2 Aircraft cost        

Piper Cherokee 140

Piper Cherokee 140

Piper Cherokee 140                       
Piper Twin Comanche cost   
Simulator cost    

R 1,750.00 / hour dual with instructor
R 1,640.00 / hour solo under supervision PPL training requirement
R 1,530.00 / hour for hire (hour building)

R 2,220.00 / hour dual with instructor

R 2,100.00 / hour solo under supervision PPL training requirement
R 2,000.00 / hour for hire (hour building)
R 4,499.00 / hour, dual only
R 1,100.00 / hour with instructor

The Sling 2 is a 700 kg non-type certified aircraft, fully accepted by the South African Civil Aviation Authority for all flight requirements towards any license.

The Sling 2 is accepted by the Civil Aviation Authorities of all Western Nations including U.S.A, Canada, U.K., Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany etc. Kenya, South Korea and India do not accept the Sling 2 as a training aircraft. In 2018 the Sling 2 was granted EASA type certification and all students may now enjoy its benefits. The price lists below are based on a Sling 2 aircraft. Should you request a quote on the below for a Piper Cherokee, we will be happy to do so.

Please note - You will be required to provide your current/valid license, medical, I.D. Book/passport and current class with rating when booking a hire & fly. 

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