The fees below are for an individual who has already obtained a Private Pilot License and wishes to complete a Commercial Pilot License with a Multi Engine Rating and an Instrument Rating.


The Sling2 is a non-type certified aircraft, and is fully accepted by the South African Civil Aviation
Authority for all flight requirements towards any license It is also accepted by all major states such as the USA, Great Britain, Australia and most ICAO countries. It is also accepted by the Civil Aviation Authorities of all
Western Nations including U.S.A, Canada, U.K., Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany etc.
Kenya, South Korea and India do not accept the Sling 2 


In 2018 the Sling 2 gained EASA type certification and all students may enjoy its benefits. The price lists below are for the Sling 2 aircraft. If you can only accept the Cessna 152 or Piper Cherokee, then please request a quote for those aircraft in

Due to the latest requirements of the SACAA, we have had to re-introduce simulator training as well as Line
Orientated Flight Training (LOFT) in our Training Program.



Experience Building

Hours Hire and Fly on Sling 2 - 96 Hours 
Dual Check Rides on Sling 2 - 9 Hours
Landing fees

Sub Total

Multi-Instrument Rating

FTSD - Simulator dual - 20 Hours
Piper Twin Comanche conversion - dual - 6 Hours
Instrument training on Piper Twin Comanche - dual -5 Hours
Instrument training on Sling2- dual - 5 Hours
Route Familiarization training on Sling 2 - dual - 4 Hours
Landing Fees 
Briefings ±20 Hours
Excess Insurance CPL 


Night Rating

Online exam  
Licensing fee 
Courier fee

Night Rating training 14 hours on Sling2

Test with Grade II instructor  


CPL Exam Fess

Written Exams 10 subjects 
Licensing Fees
Courier fee 
General Radio Course 
General Radio Test 



Final Test

2 Hours Flight time in Multi-Engine Twin Comanche
Designated Flight Examiners fee - To be paid in cash




Estimated C.P.L. TOTAL 

Flight Briefings

One on one - per hour

Lectures are for students groups of 4 and more

Aircraft per hour rates are as follows

Sling2 Aircraft Dual per hour

Sling2 Aircraft cost Solo under supervision  per hour

Sling2 Aircraft per hour, hire & fly

Piper Twin Comanche per hour

Simulator costs per hour

*IMPORTANT* All prices quoted based on the basic minimum requirements with a 100% pass rate in all written and practical tests. Should you as the student have to re-write or be re-evaluated for an exam or test you will incur an additional expense based on the relevant test or exam that needs to be redone. Please see below the additional costs associated with any re-writes, additional lessons or lectures and evaluations associated with doing the private pilot license certificate.

$ 14.00

$ 6.00

$ 125.00

$ 117.00

$ 109.00

$ 321.00

$ 78.00

$ 10,490.00

$ 1,180.00

$ 336.00

$ 12,006.00

$ 1,571.00

$ 1,928.00

$ 1,606.00

$ 625.00

$ 500.00

$ 157.00

$ 285.00

$ 214.00

$ 6,886.00

$ 25.00

$ 25.00 

$ 18.00

$ 1,750.00

$ 250.00

$ 2,068.00

$ 350.00

$ 51.00

$ 18.00

$ 114.00

$ 25.00

$ 558.00

$ 642.00

$ 357.00

$ 999.00




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