You may think that flight schools are all the same, but are they? And what is it that makes one school better than another?
Here are 5 reasons why you should choose Madiba.

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Let’s face it. Price is the big issue. Flight training is expensive. But you want a place that offers the lowest prices you can get AND that still offers a really good standard of training. At Madiba, you get both. Let’s talk about price first.
We are the ONLY school that proudly advertises our prices on the net. Sure, some schools have looked at that and tried to come in just below our price for the aircraft hourly rate, but don’t be fooled. If you look at the overall picture for the complete cost of training no one beats our price. Also, we have absolutely zero hidden costs. Everything is included on our price list, even the items that are payable by the student to the CAA for licensing and examinations, or to the doctor for the Aviation Medical Certificate for example. We have a very strong policy of being completely transparent when it comes to dealing with your money.
Furthermore, before you choose, ask yourself, how far is my accommodation from the airport? Will I need a car? What does the accommodation cost? How far are the shops from the accommodation so I can buy food? Because at Madiba the accommodation costs on average R3500 per month. You don’t need a car because all the accommodation is situated right at the airport. There are major supermarkets, fast food outlets, and restaurants in the immediate vicinity. Buying food at Pick n’ Pay or Shoprite Checkers close to PE airport is really cheap.


While we are on the topic of money, let’s discuss how we treat your money. Did you notice how small the deposit was that we asked for up front to start the visa process? Only R7000! And R4500 of that gets used to pay for your medical insurance that is required by our Government for your student visa application. The remaining money is yours to use when you arrive for training and it is our insurance that you do actually arrive for training.
When you arrive we will assist you in opening your own bank account and we will encourage you to keep your money in your own account.

NO LUMP SUMS are required at Madiba. We ask only that you maintain a minimum of R5000 in your flight school account at all times. Other than that It is pay as you go. As long as there is a positive (above R5000) balance in your account at the school you can keep flying. No other school I know of will offer you this.
We give FULL REFUNDS upon request. All other schools will have a “non-refundable deposit” portion that you cannot get back if for some reason you decide to cancel your training.
You are at any time welcome to ask for a statement of your account at the school and you can check on every cent that you have been charged to date.


I have just received praise from the CAA appointed Designated Examiner that has tested some of our Commercial License Multi Engine IFR students in December of 2017. This man is a retired Airline Captain who regularly tests candidates from our major competitors. I include his e-mail to my CFI (cc’d to me) below. (My name is Gerhard van Eeden. I am the owner and Accountable Manager of Madiba Bay School of Flight. Kennet D’ Sousa is the CFI of the school.)

Dear Kenneth,

I want to congratulate both you and your instructors for presenting me with two of the finest candidates that I have ever had the pleasure, it was a real pleasure, of testing.

I allude to Megan and Samuel they were both superb in all aspects of their test including the Ground Evaluation.
You have now set the bar and both Gerhard and I will expect that 2018 will bring some more of the same.
Best regards, George

George T Stewart


Our students are our valued customers. I am frequently horrified by stories of how some schools treat their students and sometimes we have to make up for students where other schools have let them down.

It seems some schools believe that a Flight Academy needs to be run like the military. We at Madiba strongly disagree with that point of view. We do not even put our students in batches and therefore we do not have formal start dates. Every person is a unique individual to us. As our ground schools run in a continuous loop, students may enter the cycle at any time. Every person is also allowed to progress at his or her own learning rate, and according to the availability of their funds. In this way, those who want to progress really quickly are not held back by those who choose to progress at a more relaxed rate. We frequently have students who finish the entire course all the way to multi-engine CPL with Instrument Rating in only 9 months! Others take 2 years and that is okay. South Africa is a beautiful country and it is worth taking the time to enjoy it as well as the wonderful friendships students tend to form while they are here.
Our competitors all have government contracts with foreign states. I have consistently turned down contracts in favor of working with individual young people from all over the world, which gives me the freedom to tailor-make the training to best suit each student.


You may think it would be only natural for a flight school to be a happy place, but the sad truth is that too often there are big ego’s and big attitudes in aviation. At Madiba, we carefully cultivate a culture of respect for one another. Flight Training is supposed to be a most enjoyable activity. Having said that, our challenge is to help our students become the pilot in command of an aircraft, which requires discipline and hard work. Flight Safety is no accident. At Madiba, we have the experience to find the balance. Outsiders who come into Madiba often comment on what a happy school it is.


Port Elizabeth International Airport is a truly modern airport with full instrument facilities onto both main runways, which are 50 wide and 2 kilo meters long. P.E. has exactly the right mix of scheduled airline traffic and training aircraft. So much of flying today has to do with fitting into the whole Air Traffic Control system. Our students speak to 3 different controllers before they even enter the taxiway to commence their flight, and yet the average time to solo for the school’s students is only 17 hours!

So many flight schools operate from grass strips in uncontrolled airspace. Even in Johannesburg, the only airfield with a reliable Instrument Landing System is O.R. Tambo, and that is only available for approaches between 2 and 4 a.m. and it costs a fortune.

In Port Elizabeth, the General Flying area is 10 minutes flight time from the airport.
We have a beautiful coastline with clean air that allows you to really enjoy your flying.


For those who prefer traditional training aircraft, Madiba has 4 Cessna 152’s, 1 Piper Cherokee, and a Piper Twin Comanche.

The school’s pride and joy is our 6 Sling aircraft. They are very expensive state of the art machines and they really are the very best training aircraft in the world. They are controlled by a joystick and the control harmony is fantastic. They have 12 hours of fuel endurance, which makes them super safe. They are completely idiot proof and without any vices. They also have glass cockpits to help pilots transition better to advanced modern jets.


Madiba is situated right next to the major aircraft taxiway in Port Elizabeth. The upstairs part of our building has a student lounge and balcony that looks out over the runways, from where you can watch your friends perfecting their landing technique. We park our aircraft right in front of the front door. It is a magical arrangement. The stuff dreams are made of.